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Intuitive and Experienced Life Guidance

With forty years of study and experience in the field of metaphysical spirituality, I know I can help you realize and unlock a more awakened you.

How My Services Can Help

Whether you want help understanding the meaning of perplexing dreams, resolving and healing  harmful behavioral patterns, putting together a plan for eating healthy,  or receiving valuable insight about your soul agreements with others, and how those agreements can direct your destiny, -- I can help.

I am certified in Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and have a Masters degree in Wholistic Nutrition. I will  help you resolve crucial life issues through intuitive counseling, utilizing my psychic abilities. I am guided by your energy; your words, your voice and your feelings, all of which trigger my empathic abilities, opening me to information you are seeking..                                                                                                                                                                I am the author of two books, the newest is -- Life Before Life: How Soul Agreements Direct Our Destiny,  Also,my articles appear regularly in the monthly Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine.

Personal counseling sessions and online courses

Do you want to become a more self-realized, compassionate and healthy you,; body, mind and spirit? If that is your goal, then let me show you how I can help make those goals a reality.

It's your choice: One-on-one sessions with me, or join others and me on a group webinar.  I will provide the online spiritual counseling tools you need to achieve a more awakened you.

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