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Intuitive and Experienced Life Guidance

With forty years of study and experience in the field of metaphysical spirituality, I know I can help you realize and unlock a more awakened you.


How My Services Can Help

Whether you want help understanding the meaning of perplexing dreams, resolving and healing  harmful behavioral patterns, putting together a plan for eating healthy,  or receiving valuable insight about your soul agreements with others, and how those agreements can direct your destiny, -- I can help.

I am certified in Spiritual Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and have a Masters degree in Wholistic Nutrition. I will  help you resolve crucial life issues through intuitive counseling, utilizing my psychic abilities. I am guided by your energy; your words, your voice and your feelings, all of which trigger my empathic abilities, opening me to information you are seeking..                                                                                                                                                                I am the author of two books, the newest is -- Life Before Life: How Soul Agreements Direct Our Destiny,  Also,my articles appear monthly in the Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine.


Personal counseling sessions and online courses

Do you want to become a more self-realized, compassionate and healthy you,; body, mind and spirit? If that is your goal, then let me show you how I can help make those goals a reality.

It's your choice: One-on-one sessions with me, or join others and me on a group webinar.  I will provide the online spiritual counseling tools you need to achieve a more awakened you.




Many dream interpreters are guided y more traditional and often rigid ways of reading symbols in dreams. I do not ignore what are well established meanings for dream symbology, however I rely even more on my psychic impressions of your dream, in order to reveal a more complete picture of what the dream is showing you.  $60 per hour.



Your personalized soul path plan will reveal many aspects of your inner self including: your mission in life, attitude toward life, and chief feature, (or biggest fear). By discovering these facets of your soul, expressed in human form, you will be guided to live your life more authentically and productively. Developing a soul path plan is an in-depth process which requires that I have a preparatory phone call with my clients in advance of creating their personalized soul path plan. The duration of the call is approximately 30 minutes, and during the call I will ask the questions and sense the energy I need to do each person's plan. Upon completion of your soul path plan, I will explain it in detail during a followup call. Of course, you will also receive your personalized soul path plan document by email. 

Typically the creation of a soul path plan takes at least 40 hours.  For a fee of only $225, clearly these plans are a labor of love for me.



I have more than forty years experience in the field of metaphysical-spirituality, and have successfully counseled many people including the areas of: rekindling passion for life, troublesome relationship issues, questions about reincarnation and even how soul agreements can impact our destiny. Drawing upon decades of study, contemplation, meditation, as well as rich and plentiful life experiences, I will intuitively connect  with the essence behind your questions; my aim being to provide you with answers and resolution you are seeking. $60 per hour.

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