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My Fields of Study
What I offer you is over 35 years of research, study and practice in fields of metaphysical-spirituality...including many seminars/workshops and over a thousand books.

Subjects of study include... alternate realities and parallel lives, reincarnation/incarnation, imprinting the psyche, near-death experiences, astral projection, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation, positive thinking methods, hypnotherapy, meditation, Shamanism, Native American and Eastern philosophy studies, hatha yoga, color therapy, sound therapy, numerology, depression and mood swings, brain chemistry and addictions, eating disorders, wholistic nutrition, visualization

Alice Bailey
Gottfried Puruker,
Madame Blavatsky

Eastern Philosophy:
Paramahansa Yogananda
Gautama Buddha
Swami Kriyananda
Swami Rama

Lee Carroll - All Kryon books
David Hawkins - All books and several seminars
Michael Teachings
Steve Rother - Seminars and certified in Overlight Spiritual Psychology
The Course In Miracles... Seven years of study and course facilitator
Neale Donald Walsh - Conversations With God books
Don Miguel Ruiz... The Voice of Love and others
Eckart Tohle - The Power of Now
Dan Millman - Way of The Peaceful Warrior and others
James Redfield - Celestine Prophecy and Tenth Insight
Depak Chopra - Many of his books and seminars
Richard Bach - Illusions and others
Seth Books - All
Jess Stearn
Edgar Cayce
Ruth Montgomery
and many more

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