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Numerology Charts & Spiritual Counseling Comments

What Clients Are Saying

J. Comments: There was such a deep knowingness of the truth in your words. I feel your information is precise, accurate and heartfelt.  I read it very slowly, not wanting it to end.   I want to thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into my chart to help me see myself in a new and different light.  It really is empowering.

N. Comments: My wonderful N. chart..let me thank you for all the work you've done.  It's clear how much time and effort you must put into this...everything made perfect sense and connected well with the handful of different types of readings I've previously had over the years.

M. Comments: The chart was nothing short of MAGNIFICENT!!!!  
It was delightful to review...I saw it as so much me....but so wonderful to see it through different eyes, so much fun...and learning/growth at the same time. 
What a wonderful gift you have and provide....
Thank you....Thank you....

E. Comments: The love that poured from it simply made me cry.  It felt as though God was lifting me from the Garden of Gethsemane I had previously believed I was trapped in.  I felt a deep sense of freedom consume me. 

T. Comments: Very revealing about parts of my personality that give me a tendency to be unfeeling and overpowering and why.  It also allowed me to see other aspects of myself that are loving and compassionate.  It is helping me to better understand and heal relationships.  It is enlightening and informative and I cherish it.

Excerpts From Spiritual Counseling Sessions

A. Asks: I am having problems with my 14 year old son, who is very antagonistic to his 16 year old brother. He is angry all the time and very emotionally immature. He is also extremely intelligent. I am wondering what the future holds for him.

Carolyn Answers:
(excerpt only) J. came in with a warrior mentality which causes him to be antagonistic and overly aggressive in his actions.  It's important for J. to have his father's calming and balancing energy on a one-to-one personal relationship.

A. Comments: I found your answers very very insightful and very on the mark.  I will take everything you say and apply it to our family life. 

D. Asks:
 What is the next step in my Spiritual Journey?

Carolyn Answers: (excerpt only) Your next step is to take what you continue to learn as you search your soul for unconditional self-acceptance and love.  And, to teach it to others through whatever modality gives you passion.

D. Comments
Thank you for your beautiful reading... This is the exact confirmation to what has been coming in...almost verbatim.

K. Asks: I'm so drained and frustrated and it feels like I'm so far from realizing my dreams and that I have no power to do so.  I need to awaken spiritually but it feels like I'm stuck.  Is there any way you can help?

Carolyn Answers: (excerpt only) The fact that you feel confused right now shows that you are coming to the end of one of the many phases and turning points you will have and make throughout your life.  You will many evolving phases in your life where you may feel like the spiritual faucet has been turned off.  Every experience that has an emotional impact, is an opportunity to become more of who you are as a spiritual being.

K. Comments: Thank you so much for your generous offer. I  read an article you wrote called, "Hey, Higher Power...Are You Hearing Me?". It responded to the way that I'm feeling right now so I followed the link to your website and I am so glad that I did.

                             When giving advice, remember that love is the disarming factor as to how it is received
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