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Carolyn's Spiritual Toning CD

Cosmic Language of Light: Harmonics of the New Energy

Toning with the CD, while relaxing in a comfortable chair or sitting on the floor...centers your whole body and mind into a state of relaxed peace, as it balances and moves you into higher levels of consciousness.

Toning can take the place of meditation or can be used to put one into a meditative state of mind.   Each vowel, note and sound fine tunes and helps manifestation to take place on all levels of your life.  Why?  Because your energy becomes less scattered and more focused as you practice toning.

You might also enjoy just listening to the CD as a relaxation technique.

Toning has been used for healing, manifesting, centering, clearing blockages in ones life for thousands of years.  Now it is being used to bring in the new energy of change.

Cosmic Language of Light is available for only $9.00 plus $3.50 shipping (US and Canada), $9.00 plus $4.50 all other countries.  To order click on the PayPal button below, or to pay by check please email for the mailing address


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