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Life Changing Numbers --

Your Complete Numerology Analysis and Forecast ... using precise numerological methods, I will produce a comprehensive, illuminating look at the four phases of your life's journey -- from birth to your eighties. You will discover what you have learned, what you may have missed, need to complete and what you are learning now.

Your personalized, analysis and forecast-- sent to you by email.

Go to Contact Page button to email me and request yours.

Certified in Spiritual Psychology

I am an ordained minister in the teachings of Overlight Spiritual Psychology, which is legally recognized as a minister of spiritual teaching.

Another tool that I can use to serve you in your quest for self-realization is "Overlight Spiritual Psychology".  OSP is a way to guide you to the discovery of a more authentic "you".

Once you understand what your relationships are mirroring back to you and about you... you will be in a better position to heal, forgive and therefore... stop giving away your power.  And regain it.

Intuitive Counselor

What this means is that I'm able to tap into your higher self to bring you information that you may not be aware of on a conscious level.

In this way, you are giving me permission from other levels of your consciousness, to share information that your higher self wants you to have.  This information will allow you to better understand what needs to be transformed or healed.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I graduated from Wesland Institute of Hypnotherapy.  My training included 370 hours total, of which 130 hours were externship... one-on-one training with clients. 

I suggest hypnotherapy when I feel it is needed.  Being in an altered state allows a person to speak more freely, without inhibitions... because the conscious mind is subdued and relaxed, allowing memories, experiences and feelings to float to the surface to be recognized and changed.

Holistic Nutritionist

My Masters degree is in the holistic field of nutrition.  What this means is that I work with a person on a body, mind level when giving guidance and advice with alternative health methods. 

The health of the body is not totally dependent on just what we give it in the form of nutrients.  Those factors are very important, but the mind and what it believes and perceives plays a big role in the health of our bodies, as well.

I will work with you to give your body what it needs for maximum well-being.  And also with your help we will look at the thoughts and beliefs that sabotage the health of your body.



                             When giving advice, remember that love is the disarming factor as to how it is received
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